We provide the following HR services:

  •   Recruitment

We understand that recruiting new employees can be a challenge, but you can save valuable time through our service that allows you to search for candidates who have the specific skills you are looking for. We can help you find the most qualified candidates for your vacancies by providing a large database of CVs.

Also, if you are looking for a job, getting your CV noticed is the first step towards a successful employment, and it may lay down the path for the rest of the recruitment stages.

  • Training

We believe that qualified and well trained accountants and auditors can perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Being updated about the most recent accounting and auditing standards and how to implement them in real life is our objective. In order to achieve this, we provide professional training on accounting, finance and auditing. Our training methodology and equipments are in accordance with the International standards and conventions.

Our courses include:

–  Accounting for non accountants.

–  Principles of accounting.

–  Intermediate accounting

–  Advanced accounting.

–  How to read the financial statements and take decision.

–  Principles of finance

–  Finance for professionals.

–  Feasibility study.

–  International accounting Standards.

–  International standards on Auditing.

–  Excel for accountants.

Training can take place either at our premises or at the client’s premises.