Rami Samman

Rami Samman

Liaison Partner

Rami Samman is the managing partner at BDO Jordan, Rami Joined Majdi Samman office in 1989 and passed the American CPA exam in 1990, the CIA exam in 2001 and the CVA exam in 2008. Rami is a Jordanian Certified Public Accountant (JCPA) since 1993.

He has extensive experience for more than 24 years in different business areas such as Assessments, Audit & Assurance, Monitoring and Valuation, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Procurement, HR and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in which he has built up a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the market.


He has conducted advanced training in the area of Auditing. EDP audit, financial statements analyzes and BPR in several training institutes and with several clients.

Professional Affiliations

  • CVA certification, under process
  • CIA, 2001
  • CPA, 1990